Visualizing my experience!

Esha Ameen
3 min readJun 11, 2021


“It takes a lot of time to get experience, and once you have it you ought to go on using it.”

Benjamin M. Duggar

At the start of Amal's journey, I was a bit uncertain and nervous because I thought it would be difficult for me to manage the fellowship work with my university. I was unaware of the amount of time I have to put into this fellowship. When we had orientation, I came to know that besides online sessions on weekends, I have to work the whole week doing the project work.


Today, I was sifting through my drawer. I found out the file folder in which I put all of my important papers. It had the life map that I created in the first week’s session. This life map flashed back to the time when I made it. Although, it was not that attractive in a creative sense but had all the elements in it.

Life map

I remember I had a very weird feeling in the first online session but this feeling was masked by my excitement to learn new things every day. And I was quite right when I thought of learning new things. It was obvious from our very first creative activity in the online session. We made our life maps. It was an innovative idea to show my struggle and my whole life journey by drawing it on a piece of paper. To be honest, I never actually tried to tell my life story to anyone because it is something that I need to remain private.

Ray of innovation and a new start

But when I think of it now, I feel like “Why do people write their biographies? It is also a very personal thing.” I realized that being vulnerable and telling your story to people gives you confidence that the thing you have faced or the difficulty you had was on purpose. It’s all about connecting the dot backward. I may give other people a lesson so that they do not have to face the same. I called it an indirect experience.

This whole experience made me look at myself differently. I always underestimated my potential. I have gone through failures and rejection but it is not the end of my life. In fact, I stood up again with more power and more resilience. But this attitude develops in you when you learn from the failure and try to improve yourself.

Every cloud has a silver lining.

There is always room for betterment. We should try to improve our present-day from the previous one.