Taking Flight!

Esha Ameen
3 min readJun 16, 2021


“There is never enough time to enjoy what you love.”

Joyce Rachelle

At the end of March when the Amal fellowship started, it felt like time passed very slowly because it was hard to keep up with the hardness of days and hectic routine. But now after 3 months on June 13, 2021, it’s my final session already. I cannot believe how time flew so fast.

“It’s so crazy how time flies and how things progress”.

Nathan Chen

In the second last session, we had our megaproject presentations. I was pretty nervous that day. That nervousness was not because we had not worked on our presentation but I was baffled that how could we be able to narrate our idea to someone in a short time. The day came we prepared our presentation before coming into the session. We were confident and prepared but little did we know internet connection can go bad at a certain time. Things didn’t go as planned, but we were contented that we did what we could. This was one of the learnings of Amal Academy that we should accept failures with grace. This is how we can grow. We got feedback on our presentation from the worthy assessor Mr. Ghazi. He highlighted all the points of improvement. All these things are learning from me. I will apply these in my future for sure. This is how I can reflect on myself.

The next day is the very last day of our fellowship. I was sad and happy at the same time because the fellowship was a beautiful journey for me and I am sad that it is coming to an end really fast. But I was elated because this whole journey helped me to realize my potential and talent. I was glad that end of this journey has given me the path to start a new one.

The last session was quite fun. There was just light-hearted conversation. People laughing and sharing their experiences was such a delightful sight. This day was more like a reward for our constant hard work throughout the fellowship. Ma’am Sahar shared a few words of motivation with us and encouraged us to plan our next step. Sir Saim was a very energetic and lively person throughout the fellowship. He always tried to keep the fellows attentive during the session. He always came up with interactive activities for these sessions. He created a Padlet board for writing appreciation posts for all the fellows. My fellows wrote such nice words for me. That boosted my confidence up. Thanks to all these amazing people.

Last session

That day I was traveling out of the city. I attended the session while traveling but the signals were so weak that I couldn’t hear a word. I tried so hard to connect but gave up at the end. I was not happy because I really wanted to attend the whole session. But it was quite a wholesome session. Sometimes, it is necessary to talk to people and know their feelings. It helps us to feel the same what others feel. It builds connection and empathy between people. I will definitely try to keep in touch with all my fellows through the What’s app, social media, and casual meet-ups.

“Time flies over us leaves its shadow behind.”

Nathanial Hawthorn

The ‘shadow’ is the lessons you have learned during a certain time. I have learned how to pay gratitude, how to give feedback, how to appreciate someone, how to prioritize goals, and how to solve problems. All these things apply in personal and professional life. I will practice all the Amal learnings in my daily life now.