Esha Ameen
2 min readApr 1, 2021

Just start Experience!

Just start goal:

For the just start experience activity, I chose one of my goals that is learning communication skills especially English speaking skills.

Why I selected it?

I selected this goal because I am very hesitant in speaking English. I am not confident about my choice of words. I don’t know that my words are correctly conveyed or not. Due to lack of confidence, I always think I am not speaking right and I cannot properly clarify and explain my points. Learning communication skills can help me overcome my shortcomings.

I always tried learning this but couldn’t do it due to my hesitation and fear. But now, I am feeling more determinant of achieving this skill because I have taken the first step towards it.

Just start steps:

  1. For this step, I started watching videos of some good speakers.
  2. The second step, to make it more fruitful, was learning some words for enhancing vocabulary, so that I can make use of right and effective words.
  3. The third step, which will take this effort near my goal, is practicing speaking in English with my fellows. This act will help me control my hesitation.

First task completion:

Today, I watched Simon Lancaster’s Ted x talk video where he was talking about the good communication skills tips. I actually learned something new. For example, we should use balanced statements in our speeches. I didn’t find anything difficult yet but the only thing is, this skill needs time and consistency and I will not leave it incomplete. I will try it on daily basis from now on.

Whatever you want to do, just start.