Esha Ameen
2 min readMar 29, 2021

Fixing stuff around me!

This activity seems intriguing to me because it makes me do something. We don’t consider small things that actually can make us leaders. It is so because we think leadership is a really big job, we need to change this perception. We can become a leader by fixing small things.

For this activity, I chose my little cabinet in my bedroom to be fixed which is very messy. I literally ignored it many times. It has hoarded all of my books since my FSc. So, you can imagine there is a huge bundle of books. It also stores some stationery stuff. I cleaned it a very long time ago like 3 months ago. Very long time right! Now it is screaming to be fixed.

Whenever I open it, a book falls off and my mother always gives me a sight of disappointment on this. I feel it for a little time and then forget it. Ahh, careless me!

Today I finally started fixing it. I cleaned the cabinet, removed extra stuff and removed some old course books which I think I don’t need anymore. Then I sorted all the books according to their need.

Books holds many memories, arranging them feels like arranging memories. Well, the final product is shown in the picture below. I think I did a pretty good job. Now, I feel satisfied because my cabinet can finally breathe.

There are a lot of things in our surrounding that demand to be fixed. But it is human nature that we overlook these kind of activities in general unless anyone draws our attention to them.

So just start and take responsibility for the small things and become a leader.

Leadership does not always need authority but responsibility.