Esha Ameen
2 min readApr 9, 2021


Problem statement:

People in orphanages often get charity but getting money or help without doing anything can lower their self esteem and confidence. Many people work for their financial stability but not for their encouragement and individual development. Despite having talent to do a lot of things, they are not much encouraged.

I have seen interviews of few orphanage people on T.V in which they are talking about how they feel when they get charity and donations. They smiled weirdly and told the interviewer that people come and sympathize with them but the fact is that they need some help so that they can stand on their feet. I felt sad about it. Few days ago, I learnt the difference between sympathy and empathy. What people are doing with them is sympathy. Actually, we should give them empathy/connection.

Theory of change:

If we can inspire them to make handicrafts or any other thing for selling then we can participate in their self development.

Picture source:

We will sell all the things they make and give them the revenue generated by it. We can sell it online for the start up. These things may include a piece of jewellery, a piece of clothing, greeting cards and any other decorative item. We should make specialized pages on online business portals to sell them. But again it is a charity programme; we should include a condition with the items that ‘every selling price should attach a gifted tip for the creator’. In this, Eid season we will call it, ‘give 10% of your Eidi to the orphanage’.

The people of orphanage will definitely love it because that will be reward for their creative effort. In short, we can help them to stand on their own feet by uplifting their confidence and giving them business ideas.