Amal Journey

Esha Ameen
2 min readJun 4, 2021


“There ain’t no journey what don’t change you some.”

– David Mitchell

Joining Amal is one of my most successful decisions. My main intent to join the Amal was to work on social anxiety I was afraid to talk to people. Before joining the Amal fellowship, I had a strong assumption that people only listen to you to criticize you. They cannot be appreciative of others. I used to work in groups but I preferred to work alone because I do not feel comfortable while working in teams. Amal changed both of these perspectives.

When I made my first video for the project work, I was very reluctant. I thought that my video is not good. I cannot get an appreciation for it because my fellows will not like it at all. But the result was the opposite. I got a huge appreciation for that video. This was the point in the Amal journey where I popped the bubble of hesitation around me.

I started to actively participate in group work. I started talking to people more often. I find them very supportive and encouraging. All of my Amal fellows are from different fields. They are so amazing and talented. I have learned many different things from them in the course of 3 months. In fact, I have developed new interests like making videos and editing.

The Amal Fellowship journey proved to be a great opportunity for me to develop my personality. I have started an endless journey as a lifelong learner. I have realized that the more you cherish others, the more you are cherished. Therefore, I have started admiring every person for their effort. I think this is my style now, to make the world awesome.

So, explore your own way to make life awesome for you and others.

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