Esha Ameen
1 min readApr 2, 2021


In our lives we owe gratitude to many people who have impacted our lives in a beautiful way or they may have given us small moments which have positively affected our lives. But we don’t generally say thank you and appreciate their efforts. We should normalize giving compliments to our near and dear ones.

Today I did something for this activity. I made a Thank you card for my father. I wrote everything which I admire about him. He has a big role in my life. Every father do many things for their children but going beyond responsibilities, he always appreciate us.

My father has a special place in my heart. I follow him in many ways like, how he greet with others. I just love the way he behave with people. I have seen my father bragging about me in front of other people. I feel proud at that moment. During my struggle in studies, he was the one who was encouraging me and struggle with me. He did his best.

When I gave this card to my father, his smile was precious. It was the best reward of my effort. He loved it.

Pay gratitude your well wishers because they deserve it.