Esha Ameen
3 min readMar 25, 2021

5 Random Acts of Kindness

Everyday we do different acts of kindness knowingly or unknowingly. Here I quoted some of mine.

1. Making tea for parents:

I made tea for my parents today. Making tea for parents and then sit with them and talk to them is the best thing you can for them in a day. After all, they always do different things for us. Having a sip of tea and doing a little chit chat with them, what a fun thing to do!

2. Donating clothes:

Giving old clothes to my helper is a great gesture. I gave her clothes, she gave me a lot of prayers. Your kindness comes back to you. And honestly, donating old clothes make room for the new ones. So, we should keep on donating them and help the needy.

3. Helping classmates:

In this pandemic situation, we are stricken by many problems, online classes is one of those. In the middle of lecture, your Wi-Fi is gone, you are totally messed up. But in this hour of need, helping my classmates with lectures is a wonderful thing. I sent voice notes to my friend and explained the lecture, we studied today.

4. Get well soon message:

Nowadays, many people are getting sick. They might face low morale. You should send a little “Fast recovery” or “Get well soon” messages so that they feel better. I sent this message to one of teachers today as she was not well. These kind of message are always appreciated.

5. Helping sister in school work:

Being a elder sister is always a great responsibility. You have to help your younger siblings in their study. I helped my sister in maths and science homework. The fun thing is my parents and siblings really admire me for being responsible.

Kindness needs small gestures. Keep on doing that!